Popular product used in multiple industries


Sunflex range of flexible PVC films and Sheetings are made from high quality raw materials, manufactured on state-of-the-art calender lines operated by experienced and qualified technicians. Available in plain, printed, embossed, and laminated form, Sunflex comes in more than 150 embossing patterns, and more than 100 printing designs. Customers also have a choice of multiple colour combinations. The facilities are ISO 9001 compliant.

Products & Applications

  • Sheeting - For a variety of office stationery items, shopping bags, toilet kits, wardrobe bags, linings etc.
  • Transparent Films - For photo lamination, office stationery, glass lamination, photo albums, etc.
  • Rainwear Films - For raincoats and windcheaters.
  • Bichona Printed Films - For table covers, shower curtains, etc.
  • Laminated Films -For toys, balloons, play pools, beach articles, etc.
  • Special Films - For medical products like urine bags, hospital sheeting, air circulation beds etc. Also for insulation tapes, cable wrap, automobile industry (for door trims,Sunvisor etc.) chemical tank linings, packaging industry, cosmetic industry, etc.
  • Customised Films - Custom madefor specific needs like films with specific characteristics such as fire retardant, fungus resistant, non-toxic, non-migratory, ultraviolet stability, anti-static or high tensile strength.

Technical Information

  • Thickness
    80 microns – 2000 microns
  • Embossing
    More than 150 Embossing Patterns
  • Prints
    Choice of more than 100 printing designs