Durable product for multiple applications


Sunpac Plastic Corrugated sheets are extensively used in the advertising industry. These are also used in packaging industry as they are light weight, water proof and provide good natural cushioning. Sunpac sheets have excellent tear strength and good printability and hence are ideally suited for multi-use packaging as boxes, cartons and material handling trays.

Other important properties:

  • Light weight
  • Water proof
  • High tear strength to weight ratio and rigidity to weight ratio
  • Chemical resistance
  • Non corrosive
  • Long lasting
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High quality Printablity


Sunpac Plastic Corrugated Boards are truly multi-use products.
  • POPs, danglers, display boards, light diffusers, folio cases, etc.
  • Floor protection, exhibition panels, false ceilings, roof-lining, scaffolding
  • Storage bins, material handling boxes, multi-use cartons, cable packing

Technical Information

  • Thickness
    2mm – 6mm
  • Width
    Upto 1400mm
  • Colours
    Wide Range of colours