High on quality and functionality

Sunblis® Jewel

Sunblis Jewel is a metallic range of rigid PVC film, widely used for packaging premium products. It helps to improve the aesthetic appeal of the finished product. This product adds great value to customer brands while it is cost-effective. Sunblis Jewel is non-toxic, free from plasticisers and heavy metals. It is manufactured under controlled environment on high-tech Calender lines. It is produced under Quality assurance systems that confirm to ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 15378:2015.

Other important properties:

  • High quality printability
  • Wide range of metallic colours
  • Outstanding thermoforming properties
  • Excellent heat-sealing properties
  • Excellent Thermoformability
  • Food/ Pharma Grade
  • Aesthetically cost effective alternate to Alu-Alu


To improve the aesthetic appeal of the finished product, Sunblis Jewel is used in blister packing of tablets, capsules, syringes, ampoules and medical devices.

Technical Information

  • Thickness
    0.19 mm to 0.40 mm
  • WVTR @ 30°C , 90% RH
    3.20 gms /m2 / day
  • Colours
    Wide range of metallic colours.

Sunblis Jewel is also available with PVdC coating as Sundene Jewel for packaging of moisture sensitive products:

  • Category
    WVTR @ 30°C , 90% RH
  • Sundene Jewel 40
    0.65 gms/m2 / day
  • Sundene Jewel 60
    0.55 gms/m2 / day
  • Sundene Jewel 90
    0.37 gms/m2 / day
  • Sundene Jewel 120
    0.27gms/m2 / day
  • Sundene Jewel 180
    0.20 gms/m2 / day

  • ISO 15378