Three-level packaging solution

Sunplex® Trilam

Sunplex Trilam (PVC/PE/ PVdC laminate) is produced in a controlled environment and is registered with the DMF under US FDA. The base film is made on our state-of-the-art calendaring plant, laminated with PE and coated with PVdC on the acclaimed Reverse Gravure KissCoating plant. This stringent process ensures high quality and protection from defects like orange peel effect and air bubbles. SunplexTrilam is consistent and precise in thickness & grammage. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and odourless.

Other important properties:

  • Excellent oxygen, water vapor and aroma barrier
  • Free from plasticisers and heavy metals
  • High gloss and outstanding clarity
  • Wide range of transparent and opaque colours
  • Outstanding thermoforming properties
  • High quality heat-sealing properties & flexibility


In the pharmaceutical industry, Sunplex Trilam (PVC/PE/PVdC) is used in blister packing of capsules, tablets, and products that require moisture barrier and good flexibility.

Technical Information

  • Thickness
    125 – 400 microns (Base Film)
  • Standard thickness
    250 microns (Base film)
  • PVDC Coatings
    40 gsm, 60 gsm, 90 gsm, 120 gsm & 180 gsm with 20-30 micron PE layer.

  • Category
    WVTR @ 30°C , 90% RH
  • Sunplex Trilam 40
    0.65 gms/m2 / day
  • Sunplex Trilam 60
    0.55 gms/m2 / day
  • Sunplex Trilam 90
    0.37 gms/m2 / day
  • Sunplex Trilam 120
    0.27gms/m2 / day
  • Sunplex Trilam 180
    0.20 gms/m2 / day

  • ISO 15378