Pharma packaging research services

From the drawing board to high fidelity prototypes and design for large-scale manufacturing, Bilcare assists you comprehensively throughout the process.

Formulation stability studies

We study how long a pharmaceutical product can be stored at normal and accelerated conditions without any degradation, to determine the most suitable packaging material.

Blister / Foil design & development

Bilcare works with brand innovators and packaging specialists to design and iteratively develop novel packaging with holistic consideration about technical requirements as well as design.

Pharma brand innovation

Our design lab formulates packaging that stands out in the market place as unique and vibrant. We incorporate brand communication and security features for brand protection.

Analytical research & market study

Our technical and design recommendations are a result of deep knowledge not only about material sciences in the lab but also consumer trends research in the market.

Packaging trials & audit

Design for manufacturing at scale & speed is the cornerstone of Bilcare’s operations. We assist customers with material compatibility with blister machines & ensure smooth run.